Transporter & Van | Terms and Contitions

Terms and Contitions


   To make sure the services you use, you must read the terms and conditions set forth below to avoid interfering with some problems during the job.

  •    In case the weather does not allow us to reach their destination (especially in winter) we will reserve the right to reschedule another day that will remain the company appreciation Exeter Transporter & Van.

  •    Payment will be made on completion of job driver: cec, cash, and soon by card.

  •    In case the programming is done online or by phone and the employer wants to cancel the job, the employee is already on site, the employer is obliged to pay travel costs and time lost 25 pounds for.

  •    The end of the job the employer is obliged to check all the things that were moved including the building (walls, doors) for the spot after leaving the company employee Exeter Transporter & Van and damaged it will not respond to things and you will not be compensated.

  •    Exeter Transporter & Van retaining employees for any reason we do not charge, the customer will be charged 20 pounds per hour.

  •    In case one or more items can not be plugged in building employee Exeter Transporter & Van has the right to refuse to do some damage not only if the customer agrees with everything that will happen.

  •    If the client does not state with precision the number of items and the employer Exeter Transporter & Van (driver) is required to make several trips the client will be charged extra.